Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson was rehabilitated by parrots to walk and talk after his car accident in 1995. Now Brian gives back once again rehabilitating unwanted parrots and placing them in their new forever homes.

Today, Brian is a retired firefighter and emergency medical service technician with 24 years of service dedicated to saving lives in suburban Washington, D.C. At the age of six, he saw an exotic bird show in Florida and was instantly hooked. He informed his parents that one day he was going to get one bird. At 29, after years spent reading everything he could find about parrots, Brian bought his first bird a Green-winged Macaw he named Rocco. A year later Daisy, a Blue-and-gold Macaw joined the flock, followed by Rosebud, a Double Yellow-headed Amazon. Brian taught them all to talk and do tricks.

In 1995, 2.5 months after he retired from the fire department, Brian and his parrots developed a new way to continue saving lives. To illustrate the most important aspect of fire safety, he trained Rocco, on cue, to stop, drop and roll, showing what to do in case one’s clothing ever caught on fire – stop running, drop on the ground, and roll to extinguish the flames. Daisy was taught to roll over and play dead when Brian pretended to shoot her with a toy gun as part of a lesson on firearm safety. Rosebud entertained the crowds with her non-stop talking and raucous laughter. Brian and the birds began making public appearances at daycare centers, nursing homes and birthday parties. The combination of serious messages, the beautiful and talented birds, along with Brian’s warmth, wit and tremendous bird handling skills proved to be very successful.

A devastating automobile accident in the fall of 1995 left Brian with a long road to recovery, permanent disabilities, and the loss of his beloved Rocco. He credits the amazing progress he’s made in walking and talking again to his love for the birds and theirs for him. He became re-commited to helping people and parrots live happier and healthier lives.

In 2007, Brian had the pleasure of appearing on 9 News JC & Friends , a long running series which honors “those who touch the lives of others”. Many of the flock went along and Brian stacked them on many of the 9 News staff including the lovely JC Hayward, herself.